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Pembroke School began teaching in the new Middle School Art, Science and Technology building on day one of Term 3, 22 July 2019.


The Middle School journey began in 2015 when an usually shaped parcel of land became available across the road from the Middle School campus. The site and its location demanded a rigorous design and development process – straddling two council areas and interacting with a residential conservation zone.


Throughout the development of the project, we worked in close partnership with the School to develop a building which accommodates teaching, breakout, outdoor learning, exhibition, collaboration and business enterprise spaces. The building has been designed around a “vertical village” concept and we were pleased to see it all in action on the first day of term.

The School is taking the lead in entrepreneurial learning by including 'enterprise spaces' on each level of the building that can host up to three businesses at any one time. The first business to move in is virtual reality specialist Lateral Vision, which was co-founded by siblings and former Pembroke boarders Laura and Alex Tolson.

Work continues on the external design treatment of the pedestrian bridge and landing on the other side of Shipsters Road, and we look forward to sharing more photos of this iconic project after its completion.


This article was published on 26 July 2019

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