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Interior design is an integral aspect of architecture that influences our lifestyle, workplace culture, social interaction, recreation, education, cultural and consumer experience. 


Grieve Gillett Architects has the expertise to design interior environments that promotes wellbeing, facilitates functionality and optimises the occupants’ experience of a building. 


We offer a coordinated interior design service for all architectural projects, as well as interior design for fitout projects.  We can provide assistance with facilities planning, furniture selection and scheduling, coordination of furniture and equipment relocation, and compliance assessment.


At Grieve Gillett Architects we take pride in designing every project to provide a specific response to the brief, spatial characteristics of the site, ergonomic considerations and regulatory requirements.  We develop excellent relationships with our clients to work collaboratively on all aspects of the design, from functional considerations to finishes selections.


Our interior design specialists have extensive industry networks enabling them to remain at the forefront of developments in design, products and materials, and to maintain current knowledge of regulatory requirements and industry standards.


This comprehensive knowledge, coupled with excellent design skills and rigorous documentation, results in highly resolved interiors of exceptional quality.

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