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Urban design improves the quality of the human realm through exploration of scale, materiality, connectedness and functionality of our environment. 


The art of making places considers the interface between manmade and natural elements, enhancement of existing culture and context of a place, celebration of diversity, and the creation of spaces that are capable of fostering a variety of uses.


At Grieve Gillett Architects we create vibrant urban environments that foster our community, through careful observation of existing patterns of use, mapping of core features within the environment, meaningful consultation and engagements with stakeholders, and a strong knowledge of regulatory frameworks.


Our collaborative approach enables us to participate effectively in the multidisciplinary teams that characterise urban design work, while successfully addressing client, community and stakeholder objectives.


Safety is our priority. We clearly understand and implement Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles in all our projects, to ensure that each urban environment is safe to occupy for the community and all users.


Integrating beauty and delight within practical infrastructure is a core objective in our urban design projects.  Balanced against functional requirements, this ability to enhance the world we occupy improves opportunities and quality of life for our community.

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