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Sir James Irwin President's Medalist, July 1, 2019

2019 SA Architecture Awards Winners,

July 1, 2019

Breathing new life into our heritage buildings

April 29, 2019

Celebrate sleep and barking mad discussion #designerpoetry 

As a part of the Festival of Architecture and Design (18 - 21 July) and in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Architects (SA Chapter), Grieve Gillett Andersen created an interactive display in the Lion Arts precinct outside Nexus Arts Centre. 

Words inspired by home, design and Adelaide were printed onto polycarbonate panels supplied by Revolution Roofing to produce an interactive display that invited the community and Festival goers to construct selected words into serendipitous poetic phrases that may inspire new understandings about place, semiotics and design.

Will rundle beach be sunny? #designerpoetry

We were delighted by the phrases and expressions that were constructed in 3 dimensions, for twisting our brains and making us think, laugh and imagine. What is a ‘cosy brick and diagrammatic narrative’? or a ‘modular sunset in arcade’?.... who knows, but it's nice to ponder new constructs.

In addition to Designer Poetry, we have had some ideas about the enigmatic home 'Songs of Australia Volume 3, At Home, 1999,' conceived by the artist Aleks Danko, and came up with a temporary installation that we like to call 'Red Brick Home sometimes dreams of being a greenhouse'.


Grieve Gillett Andersen would like to thank FAD Major Sponsor Revolution Roofing, Phenomenal Furniture and Kitchens, Evoque Homes, INLITE and the wonderful group of 4th year Architecture students from the University of Adelaide who together with the team at Grieve Gillett Andersen have brought Designer Poetry to the people of Adelaide.


We also thank Peter Barnes who kindly donated his time and skills in taking these photographs and supporting FAD19. Finally, a huge thanks to the exceptional team at the Australian Institute of Architects SA chapter who supported this installation and presented the Festival of Architecture and Design in 2019.

Published on 19 July 2019

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