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Client: SA Department for Correctional Services

Location: Northfield, SA

Budget: $12.8M

Completion: 2015



Paul Gillett

Sarah Paddick

David McLeod

Garth Davos

Adam Sickerdich

Kym Barwell

Amber Frazer-Jones

Alex Gurner

As part of the Northfield Prisons project team, Grieve Gillett Architects was appointed as the local Project Architect to provide contract administration for the construction of a New Health Centre and High Dependency Unit (HDU) within the
E-Division at Yatala Labour Prison.

The existing Health Centre and High Dependency Unit built in the late 1960s was no longer suitable to deliver the required primary healthcare for the States prisoner population. This was the only prisoner Health Centre and HDU facility in South Australia. The Health Centre is used for the assessment, treatment, consultation, observation and clinical support to meet the primary health care needs of the prisoners. The HDU is for prisoners who require specialised accommodation and support services due to their mental or physical health, physical impairment, disability, age and for others who require
more intensive supervision.

As the site was within the secured prison precinct, a temporary sallyport was constructed through the existing secured perimeter zone and fences to allow construction access and traffic to access the construction site without passing through the main prison compound. The construction site within the prison compound was isolated from the main prison using high security temporary construction fencing.

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