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Client: Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure

Location: Adelaide, SA

Completed: 2018



Paul Gillett

David McLeod

Emma Wood

Adam Sickerdich

Garth Davos

Milos Vajdic

Having delivered the urban design framework for the North South Corridor and the urban design reference design for the Torrens Road to Torrens River project (T2T), Grieve Gillett Architects with Aspect Studios joined the Thiess York joint venture consortium bidding the project in a competitive alliance.

Grieve Gillett Architects further developed the concepts of the UDF advancing the botanical themes of the Northern Expressway and the South Road Superway. Our urban design proposal integrated elements of the Northern Expressway, the South Road Superway and referenced graphic motifs of the Northern Expressway, South Road Superway and the Gallipoli Underpass.


Referencing of already delivered projects was deliberately subtle and obscure to balance that reference with establishment of an individual and cohesive language for the T2T section of the corridor. Similarly the selected colours used integrated with established projects but also deliberately deviated creating a new palette reinforcing the unique nature of the T2T precinct.


The T2T project includes the first section of lowered through road to be constructed along the corridor. Urban design treatments to lowered road walls deliberately reinforced the subterranean nature of the roadway while reinforcing the speed and movement of the observer / user. Surface treatments integrated botanical themes and varied patterning and forms along the corridor section. Elements and patterns were developed with consideration of movement and speed of the observer.

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