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Client: St Monica's Parish School

Value: $700,000

Completion: 2021


Dimitty Andersen
Esther Chew

Melanie Ford

Caitlin Murphy

St Monica’s Parish School is a small school with confined, aging and uninspired outdoor play spaces in two distinct and separate areas. Grieve Gillett Architects were engaged along with WAX Design to work collaboratively with the School on a Master Plan and to design new spaces including:

  • Hard court playspace including netball/basketball and handball courts

  • Nature play space providing opportunities to challenge, inspire, promote imagination, learning, be flexible and interactive, both active and passive.

  • Opportunities for outdoor learning

  • Large grass areas for active ball sports

  • Shady sheltered quiet escapes and nooks

  • Sheltered waiting areas


The concept presented to the School for the Brunswick St Precinct shows bold use of colour to invoke energy and vitality in the space whilst more subtly acting as a means of leading pedestrians from the street into the heart of the school. The avenue of trees assists with wayfinding and acts as a buffer between hard, fast and loud ball games, and quieter small group activities within a nature play space. The trees also provide refuge from activity in either of the play spaces where children can choose to sit and observe.

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