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23 January 2018

Grieve Gillett Andersen

Foundations for the new Year 12 Centre, Arts Facilities and Gymasium at St Mary’s College have started on the corner of West Terrace and Franklin Street.


A process centred on understanding the school’s identity facilitated concept development for the St Mary’s College façade. Through a collaborative, consultative and cross disciplinary process, the intent was to reflect on and capture core narrative and strategic considerations central to the school’s philosophy and operating environment.

This would ensure the development of a building façade that had deeper relevance and meaning to the school. The workshops and consultations also generated a richly layered source for the development of an engaging architectural scheme and ultimately a shared ownership from all stakeholders.

The design explored key narratives of Voice and Faith. The campus is enhanced by strengthening a series of physical and visual relationships that define its character and functionality. The façade responds to the handcrafted nature of contextual materials and takes cues from strong site precedents. The combination of solid and transparent elements and articulation of cladding through changing alignments provide a layered, varied and engaging user experience.

The project also includes a new contemporary reception pavilion and the refurbishment of the State Heritage listed Boylan Building for the school's administration and ICT learning areas.

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