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Client: DIT for SAPOL

Location: APY Lands, SA

Country: Umawa

Budget: $2.1M

Completion: 2023



Paul Gillett

Shae Taylor

Adam Sickerdich

Amber Frazer-Jones

SA Government required a multi-department facility in the APY Lands housing SAPOL and related government agencies such as DCP and CPS. Grieve Gillett Architects conceived a highly sustainable integrated modular facility to suit local
environmental conditions while addressing cultural needs and aspirations.

GGA used learnings from previous APY Lands works to include climbing and safety provision married with simple environmental detailing and initiatives. Located in Umawa, all buildings were conceived and detailed as modular construction managing costs, quality, program, disruption to site. GGA developed standard modules of accommodation and offices married with SAPOL and standard Government specifications for use on this project but also for future project use.

GGA’s work integrates simple, pragmatic design solutions that optimise building orientation, shading of openings and envelope insulation while maintaining good natural light, good natural ventilation, spatial qualities and nature references. Integrated detailing addresses security screens to windows and openings, optimising protection and performance.

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