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Client: Department for Infrastructure & Transport

Location: Dry Creek, South Australia

Country: Kaurna

Budget: $3.5M

Completion: 2018



Paul Gillett

David McLeod

The existing Rail Operations Control Centre needed to be relocated from North Terrace to the Dry Creek Rail Maintenance Facility, and the building had to be demolished to allow for further development of the Health Research Precinct.

Grieve Gillett Architects had designed a space for the Operation Control Centre at Dry Creek in 2008, as part of the Rail Maintenance Facility Relocation. However, the operating system and design brief had since changed over the intervening 10-year period. In addition to the consoles that controllers use to monitor and communicate with the rail system, there is now a large MIMIC screen that provides all personnel within the control space an overview of the whole system.

The screen provides situational awareness for supervisors, public service announcers, electrical system controllers and rail controllers who are typically monitoring only one or two lines on their console. The design of the centre incorporated human factors research into the ergonomic parameters to satisfy the four distinct working groups who
are co-located in the facility.

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