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Client: Pembroke School

Location: Kensington Park, SA

Completion: October, 2019

Budget: $24 million


Dimitty Andersen

Tim Fenton

Emma Wood

Victoria Clarkson

Ben Van Loggem

Cameron Mares

Aries Zhou

Dino Vrynios

Garth Davos

Kym Barwell


Designed by Grieve Gillett Architects, the new Middle School building at Pembroke School is situated in the historic suburb of Kensington in Adelaide, South Australia.

The 6,544m2 new multi-storey education building has been designed as a vertical ‘learning village’, with three discreet neighbourhoods, and a naturally lit and ventilated central atrium as its town square. The layout of teaching and break out spaces and extensive internal glazing have been curated to foster interaction between staff, students and community across all three levels of the building.

A complex triangular site, together with the School’s bold aspirations for a progressive and vibrant design drove the building’s unique and dynamic architectural form and internal volumes. The facility includes diverse learning spaces for Art, Science and Technology, as well as Maker spaces and industry-occupied Enterprise spaces. The building is connected to the main campus via a pedestrian bridge from 1st Floor provide a safe and secure connection for staff and students across Shipsters Road.

The building also features 778m² of outdoor learning space to encourage teaching and working outdoors. The design comprises of large outdoor areas on the ground floor, which are connected to indoor break out and learning spaces, and the external deck on Level 1 is located adjacent to the Science & Biology laboratories. In addition, an innovative approach to indoor planting design was taken to improve air quality and reinforce the value of natural systems within the School’s learning framework.

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