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Caitlin completed her Master of Architecture in 2018 at Uni SA and was awarded the Hodgkison Graduate Prize in Architecture as a result of her hard work during her final year of study. 


Her graduating project was a ‘Located Vision’ for Kent Town which involved a masterplan for the suburb as well a series of more detailed design projects. These included a medium-density housing infill project titled 'The Stilts' and a small-scale residential project for client Lee Lin Chin. Her approach to the designs was that they should be fun and colourful, bringing enjoyment and wonder to anyone who experiences them. 

Throughout her time at university, Caitlin showed interest in graphic communication, travel and residential architecture while also taking on various community and leadership roles. Her interest in housing was further cultivated by her employment at a small residential building design office for two and a half years before joining the Grieve Gillett Andersen team in February. 

Published on 4 March 2019

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