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2019 SA Architecture Awards

February 1, 2019

Introducing interior designer Charlotte Standish

January 9, 2019

Two temporary architectural installations designed and constructed by Grieve Gillett Andersen with JamFactory for Drink Dine Design have been nominated in the 2019 Australian Interior Design Awards for innovation in installation design.


The similar but conceptually different installations integrated an exhibition display of the latest in contemporary Australian craft and design, together with a pop-up wine tasting bar. The creative approach of using a singular monochromatic and everyday material, successfully achieved its function as being complementary to the display of each designer’s work. While the arrangement of the materials created two installations that were innovative, interesting and elegant design objects of their own, and also successfully responded to existing the interior fabric of different surroundings.

The low-cost, lightweight but structurally strong materials were also selected to achieve the scale, impact and flexibility of construction required for each location, but ultimately for its ability to be completely reused as packaging by the JamFactory, after being dismantled. Similarly, both installations appeared temporary in nature but solid as enclosures within a larger volume, while visual transparency deliberately created by the openings between the boxes or through horizontally stacked tubes, drew people into and around the space to invite a sense of discovery and engagement with the works on display.


As designers, the process of designing the installations allowed us to explore and expand the way we think about using standard materials in a creative way. Each project provided a unique opportunity to conceive, physically construct, experience user engagement, and ultimately decommission a project within a short timeframe.

In the second year, we worked collaboratively with JamFactory’s furniture designers throughout the design process to successfully pre-fabricate the cylinders into modules that would provide visual precision and transparency, save time during the construction, and also be adaptable to suit any interior location beyond the typical reduced lifespan inherent within temporary installations.

The shortlist for the Awards for Australian Interior Design will be announced on 20 March and the awards presented in Melbourne on 31 May. For more information about the Drink Dine Design project, click here.

Published on 15 February 2019

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