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Client: DIT

Location: Mt Gambier, SA

Country: Buandig

Value: $6M

Completion: 2022



David McLeod

The replacement of five aged transportable buildings with two new permanent brick buildings with a mix of GLAs, flexible-use SLAs and small meeting rooms dramatically improves learning conditions and functionality at Mt Gambier High School. The facade’s layered brickwork inspired by the local geology, and student designed mosaics in the generous courtyards contribute to a sense of place and pride.

The design team undertook a space audit to identify underutilised areas that could meet some of the mandated Department for Education requirements, enabling the cost saved by reducing the footprint of the new buildings to be redirected towards the school’s immediate priorities. Previously accommodated in an ad-hoc manner in administrative spaces, disengaged learners now have a dedicated space with links to both support staff and the mainstream classrooms to support their individual learning pathways and re-entry.

Motivated by student welfare, the dynamics of break times have been transformed with the establishment of a welcoming new indoor canteen with improved flow and passive surveillance. The adjacent student hub provides a much-needed all-weather space for independent or group study, and socialising at break times. The redevelopment has created a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, catering to the growing student population and specific student cohorts.

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