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Client: SA Department for Correctional Services

Location: Murray Bridge, SA

Budget: $700,000

Completion: 2017



Paul Gillett

Built when the prison was established in the 1970s, Mobilong’s existing Education Building did not meet current standards of accommodation for prisoner education and programmes. The planning was inefficient and facility operations and management were compromised.

Grieve Gillett Architects (GGA) with the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) undertook an assessment of the existing structure to understand opportunities and constraints presented by the existing fabric. Existing masonry internal walls formed part of the structural bracing complicating minor modifications. GGA with DCS explored numerous minor refit options, all of which resulted in compromised outcomes.

Following structural engineering advice, GGA and DCS decided to remove all existing internal walls and internally refit to include four programme rooms, a library, interview rooms, increased staff office space, secured storage, staff and prisoner wet areas. The revised efficient layout included substantially more accommodation within the same floor plate married with improved functionality, supervision and security.

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