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Client: City of Adelaide

Location: Adelaide, SA

Budget: N/A

Completion: 2013



Paul Gillett

Adelaide City Council engaged Grieve Gillett Andersen to resolve the lighting of an existing urban plaza fountain. The fountain consisted of a linear pond against a shingle-tiled wall with series of waterspouts protruding from the pond and directed at the wall.


The brief required a discrete but robust solution able to withstand weather and water exposure but also resist vandalism. Grieve Gillett Andersen interrogated the brief with the client and lighting engineer then met on site with both to trial off-the-shelf weatherproof IP rated luminaires to establish the preferred fitting and optimum fitting location. We then designed the custom luminaire mounting and prepared fabrication drawings. The design team reviewed contractor prepared shop drawings prior to fabrication and liaised with the fabricator discussing detail around design intent, fitting strength and mounting details prior to fabrication.


A prototype custom luminaire mounting was not prepared prior to full fabrication. The custom luminaire mountings fitted perfectly to the existing fountain wall substrate. Both the client and the fabricator complimented Grieve Gillett Andersen on their design, construction detailing and fabrication understanding.

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