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Client: Flinders University

Location: Bedford Park, SA

Budget: $2.2 million

Completion: 2005


Steve Grieve

Paul Gillett



AIA 2006 (SA) Commendation for Urban Design


Flinders University Plaza 

The redevelopment of Flinders University Plaza was undertaken to revitalise a space that was tired, uninviting and suffering from a range of structural and services problems, and re-establish the Plaza as an important outdoor space on campus. 


Extensive reviews, user group consultation and a sensible value for money sustainable approach, resulted in a flexible space suitable for multiple uses.


Defined by two large steel and timber shade structures to the north and south, a large circular lawn softens the originally harsh and exposed nature of the Plaza and combined with the timber seating around the perimeter provides a variety of options for sitting, meeting and engaging with the space.


The original pattern of the paving has been maintained which reflects the overall geometry of the University campus.  Combinations of terracotta, sandstone and slate add to the earthy quality of the horizontal plane while improving way-finding and linking existing spaces.

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