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Client: Renewal SA

Location: Port Adelaide, SA

Country: Kaurna

Budget: $5.4M

Completion: 2023



Paul Gillett

Adam Sickerdich

David McLeod

Tim Fenton

Ava Kim

The Dock One Pedestrian Bridge is the latest stage in the transformation of the Port Adelaide urban regeneration zone. Spanning the Port River, the folded span pedestrian and cyclist bridge weaves improved connectivity through the precinct. Two connecting bridges offer dual vistas towards the historic port and lighthouse or along the navigation path into the harbour. A folded nodal pause point invites moments of reflection away from the passing foot and bike traffic.

Grieve Gillett Architects established two separate internal teams to develop concepts responding to the client’s aspirations and budget. The bridge’s dual personalities — solid balustrades to the south and open ones to the north — provide contrasting experiences traversing the bridge. At this culturally significant site, historical European vessel imagery and Indigenous motifs adorn opposing balustrade sides, etched through perforations.

Pragmatism meets aesthetics as Corten steel ensures a durable maritime finish, while segmented panel design enables easy maintenance. Integrated LED PC Amber lighting illuminates the handrails and reflects the water, to activate the harbour at night while not disturbing the famous Port River dolphins and other marine life.

The second concept was inspired by Corten steel railing and stainless steel handrail ensuring a durable maritime finish. The
segmented panel and balustrade design can be easily be mounted to the concrete deck, with spare panels being able to be stored and easily replaced if damaged.


Continuous strip lighting integrated in the handrails and column mounted spotlights reflect the water and offer a sense of theatre as they illuminate and activate the harbour at night. The LED PC Amber lighting was specifically chosen to minimise disturbance to the famous Port River dolphins and other marine life.

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