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Daryl Talbot

Senior Architectural Technician


Daryl is a dedicated building designer who focuses on designing spaces that enhance the lives of those who inhabit them. Daryl believes that good design can positively impact people’s lives, and he strives to achieve this in all of his work.

When approaching a design project, Daryl takes a holistic view of the space, considering both the big picture and the details. He listens closely to his clients’ needs, and works collaboratively with them to create spaces that are tailored to their unique requirements. He also considers the context of the site, drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment to create a harmonious relationship between the built form and the natural world.

With over 25 years of experience in building and architecture, Daryl brings a strong practical and technical skill set to the practice. He is proficient in and highly involved with CAD, IT, design development, building documentation, and 3D modelling, which complements the creative side of the office. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree and is committed to ongoing learning and professional development to ensure that his skills and knowledge remain up-to-date and relevant.



Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre Redevelopment 

Yatala Labour Prison 

- New Control Room

- B-Division Bunker

- Video Conferencing Facility 

- Gatehouse Upgrades 

Adelaide Women’s Prison

- Accommodation Upgrade

Victor Harbor High School, Middle School Refurbishment 
Kapunda High School Redevelopment 

Port Augusta Prison, Bluebush Unit Refurbishment 


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