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Client: Dept. of Infrastructure and Transport

Location: Cavan, SA

Country: Kaurna

Budget: $18M

Completion: 2023



Sarah Paddick

Zac Lovell

Daryl Talbot

Jody Allen

Sue Chin-Smith

This unique project at Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre forms part of a wider redevelopment taking place on the live secure site at Cavan in South Australia.

The project scope includes two new buildings; a 12-bed accommodation unit and an education building as well as extensions to two existing buildings to incorporate an 8-bed police custody unit and visits centre.

Through consultation with the Department of Human Services, the design of these spaces aims to aid in the rehabilitation of young offenders through the creation of an environment that encourages and supports choice and agency in a secure and safe space.

Each young persons bedroom has been designed to provide them with more privacy, the ability to personalise with colours and soft furnishings where appropriate and increased access to technology such as TV, music, gaming. There is also increased access to outdoor areas with planting and direct views to nature and open space to promote wellbeing. To reduce secure environment symbolism where possible, beauty has been added in the form of natural finishes, artwork and colour.

Specially designed sensory rooms have been incorporated into each unit to provide young people with options to moderate and manage their own emotional state.

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