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Client: Private

Location: Adelaide, SA

Completed: 2018



Dimitty Andersen

Dino Vrynios

Victoria Clarkson

Elizabeth Little (Heritage)

Like its namesake, the Casa del Bambino is compact, stylish and built for today’s city sophisticate. 

Casa del Bambino is an addition and alteration to a local Heritage listed cottage in North Adelaide. Seizing the opportunity to downsize from their suburban home, the Owner embraced small footprint living including the purchase of a smaller car to fit in the existing driveway. The house comprises two bedrooms, living, kitchen and one bathroom. Rooms of the old cottage have been reshaped to accommodate quiet but connected spaces that complement the open plan living areas. 

New areas have been woven into areas of the older building fabric and have been expressed via a singular family of black colour with a diversity of texture and detail. The tight footprint has meant that the relationship between spaces is sometimes unconventional and this is managed with details such as concealed doors and full height cabinetry to blend the boundaries between zones.

Small details support the overall compositional objective. All joinery handles are the same round black texture finish, concrete floor defines a continuous outdoor/indoor space, the joinery is on legs and visual apertures overlap to create spatial complexity throughout. The second bedroom is a study with a clever “murphy bed” with integrated foldaway desk. Accents are small but high value. Artwork, décor and landscape create visual interest against the controlled and refined building back drop. Like the Bambino in the driveway, the house is as much about its quality and beauty as it is about its clever efficiencies.

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