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Client: NSW Department of Justice

Location: Wellington, NSW

Budget: $80M

Completion: 2019



Paul Gillett

David McLeod

Adam Sickerdich

Kym Barwell

Garth Davos

Grieve Gillett Architects, in association with Perumal Pedavoli Architects, has been engaged to document the expansion of the existing and historic Bathurst Jail by consortium leader, Hansen Yuncken. Taking a 25% reference design we have rapidly delivered documents to be taken to market by Hansen Yuncken for pricing and awarding of contracts.

Despite the extremely compacted time frame, Perumal Pedavoli and Grieve Gillett Architects managed to deliver significant design improvements on the reference design, based on a wealth of experience in correctional facility design.


The project involves extending the perimeter of the existing prison and replacing the existing 150 year old entry point with a new Gatehouse and Sally Port to improve security and amenity of staff, prisoners and visitors to the site. An additional 220 beds have been provided using a new prefabricated cell “pod”, which is delivered and stacked on site and a building erected around them. The balance of the buildings are of conventional construction.

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