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Client: SA Department for Correctional Services

Location: Northfield, SA

Budget: $2.2M

Completion: 2014



Paul Gillett

Sarah Paddick

Since its establishment the Adelaide Women’s Prison (AWP) had developed randomly with the result that the current facility suffered compromised functionality and operationally. Grieve Gillett Architects (GGA) were involved with Perumal Pedavoli Architects in the preparation of an AWP Master Plan having undertaken a review and analysis of the existing site, existing facilities, existing functionality, forecast expansion, project staging, long term Department of Correctional Services (DCS) aspirations and forecast recurrent budget constraints.

Integral to the initial stages of this master plan was the development of a new prison kitchen adjacent to the existing central security control room and establishing a new common services / stores spine. Following formulation of preliminary concepts GGA undertook staff consultation regarding existing kitchen procedures and protocols to ensure immediate user suitability but married with improved functional longevity. The existing kitchen remained operational while the new kitchen was delivered. Following relocation of the original kitchen the space occupied was converted to a new visits and secure dining facility for high security prisoners.

GGA worked cooperatively and consistently with the contractor to deliver the project despite construction challenges and programme extensions.

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