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Client: DTEI

Location: APY Lands, SA

Budget: $9 million

Completion: 2007


Steve Grieve

Paul Gillett

Nicolette Di Lernia

Grieve Gillett Architects has completed swimming pools at Mimili, Amata and Pipalyatjara within the APY Lands and a pool at Yalata. The remoteness of the sites informed decisions, regarding the construction method and material and equipment selections.  


Robustness, prefabrication, transport and ease of maintenance were all carefully considered. Minimising on site labour was a key consideration due to the lack of skilled labour available within the communities and the need to accommodate contractors during construction.


The design of the fence/canopy structure was pivotal in achieving a successful outcome. Prevention of unauthorised access was essential to the long term use and viability of the pools.  To this end the fences are designed to deter physical damage, to prevent climbing or tunnelling and to allow for visual transparency.

The roof canopy incorporated into the fence structure further deters climbing while providing shade within and outside of the pool enclosures. The pools provide welcome respite from the dry, harsh environments in which they sit, offering glimpses of cool water and providing a much needed recreational focus for the communities.

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