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Client: DTEI

Location: Adelaide, SA

Budget: $4.5 million

Completion: 2004



Steve Grieve

Michael Queale



AIA 2005 (SA) Award of Merit - Heritage

IES 2004 (SA) Lighting Design Award of Excellence

IES 2004 (Aus & NZ) Lighting Design Award of Excellence

Edmund Wright Heritage Award 2004 Heritage Place (Non Residential)



Torrens Parade Ground 

The State heritage listed Torrens Parade Ground and Training Depot was erected by the Commonwealth of Australia in 1936, as a military training depot and assembly ground.  The building is now managed by the State Government and provides a central city location for several Ex-Services organisations, a home for the History Trust of South Australia and also a venue for a variety of community activities.


The design solution was based on the heritage principles of the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter, sustainable development principles and user requirements.  Documentation provided detailed instructions for the conservation of heritage fabric, using best-practice methods.  New works were contemporary in detail and alterations were reversible.


The application of innovative 21st century solutions in conserving the historical building, in the spirit of the Burra Charter, was well executed and exemplified by the Award of Merit...The dual challenges of retaining the historic integrity of the original building - while adapting for the functionality of new use - with the attendant changed expectations for safety and comfort of use - was well recognized and addressed. It is hoped that the project will serve to demonstrate that the buildings of our past can be successfully integrated into the fabric of contemporary society and have meaningful use for present and future needs.

AIA Jury citation - ‘Heritage’ category 2005

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