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Client: Arts SA

Location: Adelaide, SA

Budget: $5 million

Completion: 2008


Steve Grieve

Nicolette Di Lernia



AIA 2011 (SA) Architecture Award in Collaborative Design

The Biodiversity Gallery is located on level two of the State Heritage listed east wing at the South Australian Museum. The primary aim of the Gallery is to educate people about the South Australian environment, its diversity and the impact of humans on these environments.


The new fitout was designed within the original structure of the building, with the exhibition case layout creating a meandering journey through the varying habitat zones - marine, coastal waters, temperate woodland, arid and extinctions. All listed features were retained, with minimal openings formed in existing walls. Later false ceilings were removed wherever possible to maximise the volume, with the exposed concrete structure and services painted to form a neutral background.


The fitout design supports the environmental principals underpinning the gallery.  Where ever possible existing systems and building fabric have been retained. New materials were selected with regard to their embodied energy, recycled content, recyclability and low emission characteristics.  Mechanical and electrical systems are operated using sophisticated control equipment, minimising operating times and loads.

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