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Client: Department of Education and Children’s Development

Location: Quorn, SA

Completion: 2015

Budget: $700,000


Dimitty Andersen

Melanie Ford

Tom Doull

The Quorn Kindergarten is housed in a former historic school building. In early 2012 it was identified as suitable to be refurbished to comply with the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care. Principle areas of consideration were poor functional relationships, access and egress requirements for fire and disability, inadequate toilet facilities and greater user control of heating cooling and ventilation.

Grieve Gillett Architects were appointed as lead professional consultants to coordinate a wide group of consultants to refurbish the Kindergarten to bring it into compliance with all relevant codes and standards and to update the spatial relationships and finishes to meet the kindergarten’s requirements to operate safely and effectively for the foreseeable future.

Design initiatives included clearing the space of full height internal partitions and removing bulky services from the perimeter walls to create a sense of spaciousness and connectivity across different functional areas. To achieve this services such and lighting and air conditioning were exposed and suspended above the functional areas in a ‘show and tell’ fashion.


The internal finishes are bold but uniform to create a cheerful environment for the kindergarten to display furniture, toys and art while remaining consistent and uncluttered in appearance.

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