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Client: Regional Anangu Services Corporation

Location: Pukatja, APY Lands, SA


Value: $3 Million

Completion: 2024 (TBC)



David McLeod

Garth Davos

Grieve Gillett Architects joined a contractor led Design and Construct programme for delivery of the Pukatja Youth Centre and Community Pool. Community requirements challenged the limited project budget. The community required a community hall, sound studio, practice rooms, community centre offices, community facilities and community pool.

Working with the community and the contractor allowed GGA to formulate a construction methodology using modular containerised construction minimising site works, minimising project programme, optimizing quality of workmanship and
extending project value for money.


Community pools are highly sought-after community facilities in the APY Lands and pool security is paramount – an accidental death in the pool will end community usage. High security, non-climbable perimeter fencing is expensive so GGA incorporated container modules into the perimeter preserving budget. Community consultation confirmed the collective desire to select and design the project’s colour scheme. GGA collaborated with key community representatives tailoring the facility to address key community needs while graphically providing community identity and universal ownership of the Youth and Community Centre and Pool

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