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10 September 2017

Grieve Gillett Andersen

As the lead project featured in Architectural Review 151, we revisited the challenges and opportunities of designing Petaluma's Cellar Door. The new facilities adapted within an existing modest residence conveys a subtle, unfolding story about the terroir, production, process, attention to detail, quality and brand integration.

“Since opening, we have been asked to host weddings, parties and even a funeral wake.” Paul Gillett of Grieve Gillett Andersen and his client discuss the Petaluma Cellar Door, designed by the studio in 2015.

How was GGA chosen for the project?
Grieve Gillett Andersen was shortlisted from an Expression of Interest process and we were subsequently interviewed before being appointed for the project.

What were the specific challenges other than the size of the envelope and the limited area under the main roof?
Rather than a new building project, the challenge was to modify an existing modest residence situated on the new winery site, within a restricted budget. Grieve Gillett Andersen had to create a unique, expressive and memorable facility that reflected the Petaluma heritage, the diversity and quality of the product, the terroir, the production process, the market identifiable colour and brand.

Read the full article on the Australian Design Review website here.

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