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Client: Pembroke School

Location: Kensington Park, SA

Country: Kaurna

Budget: $700K

Completion: 2021



Paul Gillett

Adam Sickerdich


GGA’s masterplan of the whole Pembroke School campus identified areas requiring temporary or minor interventions. The Turner House girls’ boarding accommodation had dated interiors not up to current standards, yet with a permanent co-ed boarding house some years away, we delivered a short-term solution.

Adhering to a tight budget and strict program during the school holidays, we targeted expenditure for the interior refurbishment, such as a minor refresh of the existing bathroom and bold use of colour and shape. Landlocked by the surrounding bedrooms and lacking in natural light, layering of soft artificial lighting enhances the atmosphere of the central communal spaces.

Shared and individual study spaces and integrated seating respond to changing ways of learning, with peers and mobile devices. Wall insertions and curtains establish activated social zones and opportunities for quiet retreat, while aiding in acoustic comfort. New kitchenettes, extensive soft furnishings and loose furniture offer a homely environment
for the girls to unwind out of school hours.

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