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Pavilion (noun). a light, usually open building used for shelter, concerts, exhibits, etc. as in a park or fair

Grieve Gillett Andersen has been working with the City of Adelaide, Netball SA and the Adelaide and Burnside district hockey clubs to develop a concept design for two sports pavilions in Josie Agius Park / Wikaparntu Wirra (Park 22).

Through an open and transparent consultation process with multiple stakeholders, we were able to clearly understand the various aspirations and requirements for the project and we sought input through the design phase. The result is a conceptual design that is contemporary and contextual, while delivers on the functional requirements of each stakeholder group.

Both pavilions are contextually located in the park lands and are considerate in scale, form and materiality. The facilities achieve compliance as a regional level facility and adhere to the approved maximum building footprint, which includes an under croft to minimise the overall height. The pavilions provide universal public access and security for end users, while also integrate sustainable design principles and consider whole of life CAPEX and OPEX costs for operating the facilities.

The two-storey modernist inspired central Hockey Pavilion is located at the southern end between two international standard wet pitches. The building accommodates amenities for players, umpires, first aid and storage at ground level, as well as a publicly accessible function space, viewing decks with bar and canteen facilities on an upper level terrace.

To the north is a separate pavilion that houses the club rooms for SA United Church Netball Association (SAUCNA) and provides additional amenity to the 24 new netball courts recently constructed on Park 22, as well horticulture facilities for the City of Adelaide.

We are proud to be part of developing Adelaide's new home for professional hockey and supporting the future of netball as South Australia's most popular women's sport.

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