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Client: Private

Location: North Adelaide, SA

Completion: 2005


Dimitty Andersen

Nexus Design

Taylor Cullity Lethlean



AIA 2009 (SA) Commendation in Residential Architecture


AIA 2009 (SA) Commendation in Interior Architecture


Principally this is a home for the client, for her things and her life. The house needed to capture the strength of her character as well as express her passion for good design and her eclectic art collection. 


We shared an appreciation for white, clean, simple architecture and the renovation of her house presented the opportunity to explore this shared aesthetic.


Jane’s House consists of a renovated Villa and a new building with pool, landscape and interiors. Work to the existing house involved stripping back reproduction detailing and remodelling interiors. The new building provided an opportunity to create a modern space complimentary to the old house, but with strong identity and character.


The new building has been designed using two complimentary architectural languages.  A single masonry form placed on the site creates new internal and external spaces with wall thicknesses similar to the existing villa. This single gesture is enriched with a secondary textural language of screens, glass, and fabric. The simple white form defines the spatial organisation of the house while the smaller scaled elements modulate light and movement. 

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