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Client: Private

Location: Hyde Park, SA

Completion: 2015


Dimitty Andersen

Tom Doull

The brief for this project was to enclose an existing covered deck at the rear of the house to increase the size of the Artist’s Studio.


Enclosing the deck, which was to the south of the existing living room presented an issue regarding natural lighting to an already dark space. The solution was simply to create a large opening in the roof to provide light to the living room, kitchen and dining areas.


To provide separation between the studio and living areas and sculptural wall was designed which houses two cavity sliding doors. The ‘wall’ is made from standard building materials but is crafted in a fashion to ‘celebrate the ever changing natural light conditions while reflecting light into the space.


Custom cabinetry, lighting and flooring was designed to order the open spaces to provide a setting for a large collection of modern art. Raised decking extends beyond the external wall to provide informal seating and a stage for events.

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