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Client: Private

Location: Hawthorn, SA

Completion: 2017

Project Value: Under $300,000


Dimitty Andersen

Tom Doull

Kimberley Harbison

Originally designed by Newell Platten, this property had been transformed over the years resulting in a series of smaller and convoluted rooms. The new owners engaged Grieve Gillett Architects to analyse the existing spaces and design a solution that would provide a more logical relationship of spaces to their proposed functions and maximise environmental and functional opportunities within the existing building footprint.

As a gesture to future archaeologists, tell-tale signs have been left exposed or intact where walls have been removed or doors transformed into windows by exposed steel structures and oversized original concrete lintels.

The new kitchen is a single space that breaks out at one end into an intimate breakfast nook while at the other provides direct access to larger dining / living area, concealing a dual function adjacent laundry space.

Finishes are monochromatic and natural in style. Floors were recycled by polishing the existing slab or natural stone to achieve the aesthetics required for the bathrooms. All new cabinetry was designed by Grieve Gillett Andersen, and new lighting was either selected or designed by the project team.

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