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14 June 2017

Grieve Gillett Andersen

Grieve Gillett's Goolwa Beach House was acknowledged at the 2013 South Australian Architecture Awards and in this Saturdays Advertiser. Below is the Jury citation for the project:


"Combining successful form making with an enthusiastic ESD approach doesn’t always make for successful form making.  This is not the case in this well considered beach side house.


With attention to detail, the Architect has produced a house that utilises natural materials that are both elegant in their simplicity, yet represent a strong approach to sustainable design.


This house incorporates good orientation, appropriate insulation, good natural light and provides abundant cross flow ventilation, providing a building that is comfortable, without the need for air conditioning.


The innovative use of a long PV array and a bank of hand operable horizontal screens, become strong design features in the overall composition of the house, beyond their place as sustainable inclusions.


Ultimately this house proves that an intelligent and creative approach incorporating sustainable principals and materials can produce an architecturally strong building, proud of its ESD inspired roots."

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