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Client: Private

Location: Goodwood, SA

Budget: NA

Completion: 2003


Dimitty Andersen



AIA 2003 (SA) Commendation in Residential Architecture

The Goodwood Residence is a little gem of modern architecture in a suburban street consisting of one storey traditional homes. The design works with the many constraints of Council and surrounding context to create a generous contemporary home.


The design of the Goodwood Residence was like a puzzle on two levels. The owners were looking to incorporate a lap pool and a two car garage within the requirements of a compact home. The site itself is only 300sqm and although the footprint is therefore modest, the house feels comfortable. Indoor spaces are “stretched” through views to the smaller and larger outdoor garden areas. The internal spaces are fluid in height and plan and are flooded with natural light.


The final design has modern interpretation of the urban fabric of the street. The composition of the house has been driven by the local street context. The ground floor is articulated in solid masonry, echoing the language and setbacks of the existing stone cottages in the street. The upper level is detailed in roofing materials and is highly textural in reference to the surrounding roofing forms and materials.


The house presents a veranda like screen to the street which doubles as sun protection for the house.  As the building moves away from the street the strict lines are lost to playful use of windows and complex spatial relationships which allow a sense of interest and volume belying the small building footprint.

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