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Client: Private

Location: Adelaide, SA

Completed: 2013



Dimitty Andersen

Tim Fenton



Golden Boy 

Golden Boy is a small and intimate restaurant within the heritage listed iconic Botanic Hotel building. The owners approached Grieve Gillett Architects with some rough concept sketches and approximate construction ideas for their proposed Thai style restaurant. 

Grieve Gillett Architects interrogated the restaurant’s style and intent before working with the client to evolve the design developing and modelling the concepts in 3D. The final materials palette is restrained consisting of black scaffold piping, brass fittings, white tiles and mirrors.


The restaurant fitout creates a smaller construction within the larger dining room volume deliberately echoing the language of an Asian market stall with implied bamboo elements, small roofs and long tables. Graphic / graffiti art on the walls give the fitout a youthful urban edge. Golden Boy is playful and stylish with an elegant but abstracted Asian street feel.

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