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Client: Eastern Health Authority

Location: St. Peters, SA

Budget: $400K

Completed: 2012



Dimitty Andersen

Tom Doull


Eastern Health Authority

Grieve Gillett Architects worked closely and methodically with the client, Eastern Health Authority to design their facility within the recently completed development at the St Peters Town Hall.


Grieve Gillett Architects also administered the construction of the facility and oversaw the provision of joinery, workstations and all loose furniture. The layout of the facility incorporates a reception counter, two workstation areas, three executive offices, a kitchen/café, controlled storage laboratory, toilet and shower facilities and a variety of strategic storage solutions and breakout meeting spaces.


Responding to Eastern Health Authority’s roles in the community of providing immunisation and the promotion and monitoring of hygiene and sanitation, Grieve Gillett Architects employed a primarily white colour palette for the work areas using a combination of shades, textures and transparencies to provide depth and interest while retaining a clean aesthetic. This allowed for some of the shared areas to be concentrations of bright and contrasting colours to provide a ‘fireworks’ effect in the facility without being distracting or overbearing.


The careful layout of facility and the strategic colour palette has been useful in responding to the natural site elements, for instance, in proximity to the lovely bluestone wall the colours are plain but of high quality and the forms are sculptural in order to stand respectively and proudly in the context of the heritage of the original building.

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