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Client: JamFactory

Location: Adelaide, SA

Completed: 2017



Paul Gillett

Dino Vrynios

Cameron Mares

Victoria Clarkson

Kara Growden

Grieve Gillett Architects partnered with Jam Factory for the 2017 Drink Dine Design Award, which involved the design and construction a temporary bar installation at the Hot 100 SA Wines 2017/2018 event. The Drink Dine Design Emerging Designer award announced at the event, celebrates how design enhances our experience of consuming fine food and wine.


Working with event partners JamFactory and The Adelaide Review, the brief was for a temporary intervention within the event space to display and serve food and beverages, while creating a unique, memorable space where people could connect with the finalists of this year’s Award. 


We sought to embed and layer meaning within the structure responding to the Hot 100 Wines themes of ‘foundation and influence’ and to respect the past while looking to the future. We also referenced the JamFactory, their history and their potential as the leading centre for contemporary design and craftmanship.


Located within the ornately decorated shell of the Old Regent Theatre the design responded appropriately to the large volume of the event space. Simple in form, sympathetic in scale and carefully positioned, the abstract, minimalist but complex 4.5m structure created a play between old and new.


The temporary installation had a ubiquitous external quality, while internal lighting created strips of light escaping between the gaps and out the top to reveal an alluring jewel within. The inner wall surface with white vinyl cladding was interspersed with the work of the ten designer finalists, presented in a gallery format that encouraged movement through the space.

This project demonstrates how architecture and design is embedded with the fundamentals of life, such as enjoying food and wine. The project allowed us to consider and expand the way we think about materials we use, how they are used, their longevity, as well as providing a unique opportunity for the design team to conceive, construct, experience, share and ultimately decommission a project.

WATCH the video of Hot 100 SA Wines 2017/18, featuring the Drink Dine Design Bar to discover more about the concept,

time-lapse footage and see the bar in action.

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