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Client: Private

Location: Goodwood, SA

Completed: 2016



Dimitty Andersen

Tim Fenton

Sam Jeyaseelan

Garth Davos


The John S Chappel Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (New)

2017 AIA (SA) Award for Sustainable Architecture

On a quiet one-way street in Goodwood, a child’s drawing of a house has come to life. Driven by the client’s passion for sustainability, there had to be communal and private spaces that will grow with the family and a low maintenance garden for herbs and veggies.


The house features two contrasting, yet complimentary house forms. A warm grey metal shape that sits close to a timber form, and a glass entry between blurs the lines between inside and outside. The metal house contains cooking, eating and socialising spaces. A mojito is sweet against the backdrop of the setting sun, with the curved wall of the cocktail area bending shadows across its skin.


The timber house is organised by a lofty corridor with high-level openable windows and contains two bedrooms and a utilities block that slides into the study. The garden design circles the house creating lovely backdrops, vistas and functional zones. Multiple decks project out from the house, one of which plays host to relaxing, swinging, bike riding, and BBQs and beer-making experiments.


Crayon House has an energy-conscious soul, and although it is responsible it has a ‘life is meant to be fun’ attitude, expressed by a playfulness between light and colour depending on the change of seasons.

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