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Client: Private

Location: Clarence Park, SA

Completion: 2014



Dimitty Andersen

Tim Fenton

Dino Vrynios

The Clarence Park Residence is a house for a family of five and their busy lives. The project involved an extension to a large existing villa with new indoor and outdoor areas suitable for contemporary living.  The house is comfortable for five and has room enough for many more when friends drop over.


The design of the Clarence Park Residence is centred around the main living, kitchen and dining area. This space reaches up to capture generous amounts of daylight and northern winter sunlight. The light quality is stimulating, dynamic and changing. Carefully placed windows and doors capture views of the children in the garden and enable fluid movement from inside to outside. 


The physical constraint of the carparking area has been turned into a design opportunity with a sweeping horizontal formal gesture. This provides a counterpoint to the verticality of the living area and grounds the building to its site. The new building forms are sculptural and dynamic, working in contrast to the architecture of the existing villa. The building has its head in the clouds but it feet firmly on the ground.

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