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Client: Private

Location: Adelaide, SA

Completed: 2017



Dimitty Andersen

Dino Vrynios

Victoria Clarkson

Garth Davos

Situated on a 118m2 landlocked allotment in Adelaide’s south-western corner, this new two-storey dwelling exemplifies the benefits of a design lead approach to overcome a range of constraints.

The concept for Castle was to “maximise the ground plane & respect the context”. It was decided early that the building be anchored to the southern boundary with 2000mm high walling on all boundaries to provide privacy. The only exception, a break to allow for vehicle access. The form and material palette were informed by its local context of pitched roofing, red brick and bluestone. 


The design lifts the bulk of the form off the ground plane on three circular columns, and the building cantilever acts as an integrated shading solution while providing privacy from the overlooking balcony. This allowed the lower level northern and eastern elevations to be operable glazing, creating an effect where internal spaces extend to the perimeter of the site and maximise solar access opportunities. The addition of full length sheer curtains provides adaptability for the occupant depending on environmental and privacy requirements in their main living spaces. 

On the lower level, flexible kitchen and living spaces are serviced by a small laundry and separate toilet. The stacker glazed doors on the north and east face allow indoors to merge with the outdoors. With framed southern views of the city and hills, the hallway upstairs leads to three bedrooms, master bathroom and ensuite.

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