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Client: Private

Location: Rose Park, SA

Completion: 2013


Dimitty Andersen

Tim Fenton

Tom Doull



AIA 2015 (SA) Award for Small Project Architecture

The owners of blackline wanted a family pool but were apprehensive about substituting their garden outlook for hard poolscape.


On their inner city block, outdoor green space was a premium and an invasive pool development was out of the question. The design of blackline pool and surrounding spaces balances the functional requirements of a family pool with a high quality aesthetic outcome. The blackline pool is cut from a monolithic stone plinth which bobs up out of a sea of lush garden.


The simple massive form is accentuated with large pool pavers, a deep seamless pool coping and chunky front edge detail. A suite of finely detailed textural elements are anchored into the pool plinth to provide serviceability and comfort. A billowing retractable shade, a steel plate pool fence and timber seat reference the natural landscape with moving shadows and shifting views.


Through considered composition, material selection and detailing, the blackline pool project has produced a sophisticated and original architectural response.e to a residential pool and outdoor space.

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