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Client: Bird in Hand Winery

Location: Woodside, SA

Completion: 2020


Dimitty Andersen

Tim Fenton

Kym Barwell

Housed within, above and below an old brick milking barn will reside a new subterranean Wine Cellar, a Barrell Hall, a Rooftop restaurant with a green picnic roof, and a lofty birds nest sky bar. These spaces intermingle and are infused with art to create an immersive art, wine, food and cultural experience, all set to the soundtrack of a sustainable design conscience.


A proposed metal clad restaurant canopy gently floats above the existing rendered barn. There has been a deliberate effort to maintain the existing building’s façade in order to preserve and celebrate the history of the site. A hidden, vaulted, arched ceiling cellar is being carefully dug out and constructed below this existing building.


We are replacing the existing roof with a new landscaped and terrained green roof to create a picnic in the sky. Where there was previously a galvanized metal roof, we are aiming to create a greener softer timber and landscaped space, one which sits well against the existing grass slopes and vineyards of the site.


Upon this green roof is a new sculptural metal clad roof structure with glass and bronze cladding. The roof floats gracefully above the existing building. Large expanses of glass create a significant amount of transparency between the two roofs which enables the everchanging skyscape behind to remain visible and almost merge into the building. A loft bar, ‘the birds nest‘ sits up high, enabling the appreciation of panoramic distant views.


We have drawn inspiration from the existing natural elements and functions of the site to create an iconic place with strong links to its context and setting.

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