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Client: Private

Location: Rose Park, SA

Completed: 2016



Dimitty Andersen

Tim Fenton

Garth Davos

Peeping from behind a neatly restored gothic influenced Edwardian-style bungalow, floats a metal, neo-roman profile clad room, sitting quietly in the background and letting the past take pride of place.

The client wanted a fun and interesting living experience for a growing and exciting young family. Three overlapping rectangular forms in white render, metal and timber unite the new living spaces and first floor bedroom.


The long corridor from the existing house expands into the addition, creating a catwalk from which spaces can overlap and be organised. A concealed laundry, sunken lounge, light well stair, dining and an open-air kitchen space run along the east. While a garden strip with planted gravel, decking, a rendered boundary wall and retractable shading runs along the western side of the site.

The concept of layering and overlapping spaces and forms has arranged an open plan around a vertical stairwell, providing both spatial separation and visual continuity. The timber clad light well allows light to travel in from the roof top garden deck.


Blocks of materials defining individual areas and changes in heights and scale, amplify the internal terrain. Concealment and delight increase a sense of surprise and joy, while the graphic use of colour in doors and fragments creates compositions across various surfaces.

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