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18 July 2017

Grieve Gillett Andersen

Former environment and arts minister John Hill and wife Andrea take us through their home in the latest Australian House & Garden magazine.


Story by Judy Barouch

Completed in 2014, the house designed by Steve Grieve and Dimitty Andersen is a considered, cultured home that manages to be earth smart without sacrificing aesthetics. Well located on a heritage zoned street, the house presents as a contemporary version of its 19th-century neighbours. Inside, however, there's a distinct leaning towards both Scandi and Japanese aesthetics. "We served sushi and Danish pastries at our thank-you party for the project team," says John, laughing.

On a more serious note, he says that his former ministerial portfolios helped educate him about what good housing was ought to be like. "The temperature inside a well-designed 'green' house is always comfortable, and the water and power bills are low," he says. "Ethically and also practically, incorporating strong environmental features was important for us both."

Read the full article in the August edition of Australian House & Garden.

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