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Client: Art Gallery SA  (AGSA)

Location: Adelaide, SA

Country: Kaurna

Value: Confidential

Completion: 2023



Paul Gillett

India Allan

Callum Reilly

Alex Gurner

The design of the exhibition Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution reflects the passion of the artists and their love and their beliefs, as encapsulated by their artwork.

The design is unashamedly bold and stimulating and pays homage to Frida and Diego’s life in art and in the artistic community they constructed around themselves. As designers, our aim is to reflect the story of the artists by means of a carefully considered exhibition design and to enrich the connection between an artist’s works – in this instance, Frida and Diego and some of their contemporaries – their story, the viewer and the space.

As visitors leave the exhibition, they will confront a life-size realisation of Frida and Diego and experience a spectacular colour explosion – a symbolic representation of Frida, her life, her work and her impassioned and tumultuous life with Diego. At the end of the exhibition, the viewer may well recognise some of Frida’s passion in themselves – a sense of life, death and legacy in a single space – along with a new awareness of the power of art in symbolising these moments in time.

This exhibition has enabled us to depict and reflect the story of these great Mexican Modernists and to impart through our design a sense of their lives, their beliefs and their loves.

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