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Client: Adelaide Central School of Art

Location: Glenside, SA

Budget: $2.7 million

Completion: 2013



Steve Grieve

Jessica MacDonald

Nicolette Di Lernia



AIA 2014 (SA) Architecture Award in Heritage

Grieve Gillett Architects worked with the Adelaide Central School of Art over a number of years, assisting with the identification of buildings suitable for acquisition and renovation for relocation of the School.


The circa 1899 buildings in which the School now resides were previously the Male Dormitory and Dining Hall for the Glenside Lunatic Asylum, both unoccupied since 1978.  The buildings lend themselves perfectly to an art school, with the large dormitories now teaching studios and smaller ‘cells’ individual studio spaces.  The Dining Hall building has been converted into administration facilities and an art gallery.

The design intent was to provide a clear delineation between old and new.  All existing walls were simply cleaned, retaining their stories, while new insertions provide a stark contrast in colour and material. Services have generally been left exposed. This decision was partly driven by a constrained budget, and with a view to maximising flexibility in the future for the School.


The School believes that the iconic buildings and prestigious location will draw new support for the school from business, other education institutions and the community. 

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