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Client: DTEI

Location: Cavan, SA

Budget: $70 million

Completed: 2012


Paul Gillett

Steve Grieve

David McLeod

Stuart Stallard

Daniella Jacobs

(in association with Perumal Pedavoli)

The Youth Training Centre provides South Australia with purpose built accommodation and rehabilitation facilities for juvenile offenders, both male and female, which are designed consistently with current philosophies and practices.


The built form of the Centre provides a facility which is as secure as an adult facility but presents as domestic and non-institutional. The Centre includes educational and vocational training facilities and sporting facilities that provide indoor and outdoor courts, soccer pitch and swimming pool. The buildings are arranged as a series of separate pavilions to reduce the scale. Accommodation is a series of houses that allow residents a sense of affiliation with a smaller unit of carers and fellow residents.


The project was procured using a Managing Contract and was completed within program and budget. The Managing Contract provided significant advantages, including:

  • The opportunity for an expert client to be involved in the review of contracts being let for trades in an environment unique to a juvenile correctional facility.

  • The ability to expedite the construction process in a tight delivery period by being engaged and actively pursuing contractors prior to the completion of construction documentation.

  • A collaborative approach to problem solving, cost management and quality control.

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