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Client: SA Housing Authority

Location: Adelaide, SA

Country: Kaurna

Budget: Apartments $135M

Completion: 2022



Paul Gillett

Heather Wasley

Tim Fenton


The reimagined large CBD site creates high amenity and high density living for mixed use and blended socio-economical new communities. The new proposal converts 7,000sqm of underutilised public housing into a development of 329 dwellings in a mix of Common Ground apartments, public and affordable housing.

Accommodating four apartment towers while maintaining sight lines, solar egress for winter, and passive ventilation was challenging but integral to the design. Addressing the unique and complex project accommodating three different user groups, we created distinct neighbourhoods, harmoniously assembling the three identities through material and colour. Embedding the layout around the existing mature trees, ground and roof-level green communal spaces and mix of retail tenancies establishes a vibrant and connected community from the outset.

The scale of this project can facilitate investment in sustainable futures via innovation across all facets of the project. Examples include CLT building structure, natural light and ventilation, prefabricated and modular components, commissioning of local manufactured and crafted products, prototyping recycled plastic components public art, productive gardens, bees and significant and relevant landscape responses.

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